Parris Sheets, author of the newly released book, Essence of Ohr: Warden’s Reign, which was awarded 2020 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Recipient, and 2020 Reader’s Favorite Award winner, Bronze Medal for YA Epic Fantasy, needed some professional photos and I had the honor of being her photographer. I love how fresh the yellow and white feels in the photos of Parris in The Secret Garden, which is located on ASU’s campus. I used to escape the hustle bustle of long school days when I was studying photography to sit with the plants in there. It’s a really lovely place for portraiture and usually pretty empty because it’s not listed on any maps… Not many people know about because… shh! It’s a secret! I also really love the photos of Parris framed by cascading leaves, I think they give her a fairytale vibe, which suits her well being a fantasy author and all! I love doing one on one professional and creative photoshoots like this, it feels really good to capture the beauty in talented and lovely people like Parris!

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