When Ben and I started his professional photo shoot session for his Zen with Ben website, I knew there was some magic at work while we explored Boyce Thompson Arboretum together. I wanted his spirituality and healing vibes to show in these earthy portraits. He’s a wonderful human with the most loving heart, capable of healing others by just being in his presence. He practices the art of sound and vibrational alternative medicine as a sound therapist in a calming and private location right here in Tempe, AZ. Here are some of his words.

Sound & Vibration has been used for centuries to relieve stress-related conditions as well as cultivate holistic wellness and peace of mind. I fell in love with this Himalayan healing tradition from the first moment I felt the incredible sensations of singing bowl vibrations on my body. I feel an immediate sense of calm as the bowls ‘sing.’ I find every facet of the practice fascinating: the science, acoustics, history, spirituality and mysticism. I pride myself on giving you the best experience possible and I can’t wait to share its multitude of benefits with you.

It was an honor to be his photographer and I highly suggest you consider an appointment with him! I had my first sound bath during a very stressful time with Ben and I felt so much relief when my session was over. You can also explore what he does on his instagram and see reviews of his services on his Facebook. You can listen to some of Ben’s music here.

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