This Breckenridge mountaintop wedding was probably the most romantic and breathtaking weddings I’ve shot throughout the years. It was a weekend long party packed full of delicious home cooked food, beautiful people, and refreshing Colorado mountain air.

This wedding was extra special to photograph because while I was studying photography at Arizona State University, I worked at a piano bar called The Big Bang which was and still is owned and run by Sam and Jaime. Sam is a musician and incredible performer and Jaime was my badass manager keeping things running smoothly in the club. They weren’t just my bosses, they were a huge support to me while I was growing up and learning about my passion. They’ve seen my progression through the years and asked me to be a part of their wedding.

They flew Andy, my partner and second shooter and I to Breckenridge, CO where Jaime grew up to celebrate and document the very joyous weekend. We partied with their family the night before the wedding at a get-together they hosted and it was lovely seeing familiar faces. On their wedding day we hung out with Jaime and her closest friends as she got ready for the ceremony. They had a very intimate first look in a forest at the base of the mountain their reception site was held. Jaime grew up riding horses in this area so it was a familiar and gorgeous setting for her as she approached Sam for their first look. It was an emotional and special experience to have shared with the two of them. The three of us hopped into our rental car and made our way to the top of the mountain where their family and friends waited for them.

We talked about the journey that led them together and how perfectly the day was going. It rained the night before and there were supposed to thunderstorms but it stayed clear the whole day. The ceremony site was a camping spot with an insanely beautiful view surrounded by pine trees and puffy clouds. Sam and Jaime’s family stood waiting for them to arrive and when they did the waterworks really started! Sam’s daughter sang beautifully as the two of them walked through their loved ones hand in hand together. It really was so special. They had a surprise dance party and cheers with a shot they passed out to everyone, it was so fun!

Their reception was such a blast! These guys really know how to party! We sang and danced to live music and ate the most delicious food. Jaime’s mom made their beautiful cake while Sam and The Big Bang crew took turns singing and playing music for the party. It brought back memories of my Big Bang days while in college and it was just the most fun night!

The next day we all enjoyed an amazing brunch their family put together. There were build your own Bloody Marys and a fire to sit next to. Andy and I spent time getting to know the whole family and felt so loved. It was a lovely weekend and we’ll never forget it!

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