Patrick reached out to me months ago with a plan and difficult secret to keep! He wanted to surprise his now new fiancé (ee is that not exciting or what?!) by coordinating her sister and best friend to arrive at their special spot on Arcadia Beach for his proposal. His plan was to pop the question while the two of them and their sweet Frenchie pup Lucy were there to enjoy a day off together. I met up with Elizabeth’s sister and best friend at the beach and we picked out places to hide while we waited for the moment! I’ll admit it was a tricky endeavorer! I wanted to be close enough to catch the moment without being obvious! Lucy certainly could tell something was up with me! I watched Patrick put the ring into his pocket before he lured Elizabeth to go for a walk closer to the water and I knew it was about to happen! Sure enough he got down on one knee and I ran straight over to capture their special moment. There was pure happiness and love radiating off the both of them while Elizabeth’s best friend and sister ran over to surprise her once more and congratulate her with hugs! It was such a lovely experience to be a part of! After their engagement session was over they celebrated their new proposal at a beach house near by. Patrick couldn’t have done it better! The time he spent planning and strength he had in keeping it a secret for so long was so sweet and I’m so glad to have been a part of it!

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