Casi and I met on Instagram. I started following her because her photography is inspirational, emotional, and so different from mine in terms of style. I’ve learned so much from her feed and it continues to inspire me every day. I love how transparent she is about her marketing tactics and how she’s able to book clients for weddings and portraiture on the regular while also teaching at a high school, being a mommy to a sweet little boy, and a wife. We also share a love for wine! She and I met up at Dapper & Wise Coffee Roasters in SE Portland to get to know each other. We talked about wine, photography, and how we both love the art of capturing peoples essence and inner beauty in artistically photographed portraiture. We spent about 5 hours chatting and photographing each other while we explored Southeast Portland which by the way makes for a perfect area to take senior portraits! There are so many beautiful plants and colorfully painted walls for back drops any high school graduate would photograph well in front of!

I often times struggle with the need to keep up with social media and marketing, I know it’s important but it’s so not my strength and I was starting to feel a bit defeated before meeting Casi. If you’re a photographer and want to expand your skills in the marketing world or need a boost of confidence and some new tools, Casi is the bomb! Check out her website and instagram from some invaluable tips! I’m glad that we met! Our friendship and the knowledge I’ve gained from her is priceless!

Here are some of my favorite photos of her, it was tough to narrow it down, she’s an excellent model!

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