PNW Airstream Bridal Session | Silver Meridian Photography |-41.jpgWhen planning a wedding on the Pacific Northwest, it’s important to remember that even if the time of year should yield a clear day, it’s lush AF here and there’s a reason why! The possibility of a rainy or even slightly misty day are pretty high! So, it’s better to be a little over prepared for that than to end up with muddy heals and frizzy hair in the beautiful photos you’ve invested a lot of money and time into. While there are ways to edit certain things out of photos in programs like photoshop, there’s not always a very easy way to do so and it may result in you not seeing as many photos of that special moment between you and your sweetie as there could have been. As a photographer, I like to create magic with my camera (and skilled timing might I add) but removing frizz from a brides hair after she was unexpectedly rained on isn’t the kind of magic I’m good at! It doesn’t look genuine or believable most of the time and it’s just not something you or I should be distracted by! You should be enjoying your time on top of that mountain with your new husband or wife giving each other kisses and pretending me, your paparazzi photographer isn’t creeping on that moment. If you’re worried about your frizzy hair or muddy shoes it’s going to take away from those feel good newly wed vibes you should be absolutely beaming with. That’s why having a little wedding emergency kit is not a bad idea! I’ll even hold it for ya if you like! I’ve put together a little list of things I think would be helpful to have when the Oregon weather does whatever it wants as it usually does here in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Hair spray!

    I’ll say it over and over… nobody has time to worry about their hair on their wedding day. Spray that shiz down and enjoy your day! The Pacific Northwest is a damp place that takes no pity on your perfectly braided hair while you were inside. The second you come outside the moisture in the air will have it’s way with your beautiful locks! So spray it down girl!

  • Umbrella!

    This is an no brainer but sometimes we forget just how unpredictable the weather is here. the clear ones are nice because they don’t block your view of the Oregon coast in the distance while you read each other your vows. It also ensure we can all see your lovely faces in photographs! Bonus points if you have extras for your guests too!

  • A pair of hiking boots and socks!

    I know this seems silly but wouldn’t it be such a bummer if we couldn’t explore that extra little nook of forest because there was too much mud or debris to walk through in your blue satin heals? I want to ensure that your wedding photos are epic and memorable! The best locations are sometimes tucked away and don’t always have a trail leading to them so, how awesome would it be if you knew you had a pair of shoes you could get around in to get to those places!

  • Bug spray!

    Depending on the time of year and the location of your wedding there is a chance bugs could be a pest. They’re distracting and itchy! Keep em’ off of you with some deterrent!

  • Allergy medicine!

    Allergies are a possibility all year round here! Mold during our wet winters, and pollen while things are blooming. Even if you don’t usually experience allergies, it’s always a good idea to have some backup in case you experience a flair up out of nowhere! How can you give your new forever babe as many kisses as you want if you’re busy itching your nose?

  • Tissues!

    Getting married to someone is such an emotional and exciting thing! You’re probably going to cry! Tissues are an absolute must!

  • White chalk and a Tide pen!

    If you’re wearing white you’re going to want to have a way to get that splash of wine off of your wedding dress. Tide pens are small and powerful, and chalk is a quick way to cover spots that the Tide pen wasn’t able to get. Also, did you know that if you get grease on fabric you can use chalk to absorb it?! Pretty cool huh?

  • An extra copy of your vows!

    Give it to your mom or sister, or someone who will be up front just in case you misplace your copy. I think some of the sweetest vows I’ve heard were ones that the bride or groom winged but you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking of what to say, and if you don’t do well with speaking in front of an audience think of how much you might forgot to say if you misplaced your copy?

  • Lastly… something special like a bottle of Champagne!

    Your wedding day is about you and your partner, everyone is going to be super excited to celebrate with you by giving you hugs and congratulating you during your reception. It can be an overwhelming and sometimes stressful part of your day. Enjoy the moment you get to have with your newlywed during your portraits by opening your favorite bottle of wine or Champagne together just the two of you. Just make sure the vendor hosting your celebration is cool with it! It makes for excellent photographs and will help take the edge off of all the attention you’re about to get from your loved ones. Imagine looking back on those photos during your ten year wedding anniversary while you open that same bottle of wine or beer over dinner!

These are just a few things I think would be helpful on your Oregon wedding day, it’s a wonderful place to get married but it sure does come with surprises sometimes! Be prepared and worry free knowing that you’ve got some things in your wedding tool kit to kick it’s ass and party on!

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