This is my beautiful best friend Chloe. She and I have been rain dancing, chicken wing eating, Spice Girls worshiping soul mates for 23 years. Seriously though, when are they going to get back together, we’d spend a paycheck on a ticket if they perform again! Chloe’s energy is bright and contagious, she’s curious about the world and sensitive in the most beautiful ways. She and I hardly have to exchange complete sentences with each other to know what we’re thinking. I miss her every day and so wish she would move to Portland! This was our first official photoshoot together! We spent a the day at Arcosanti, one of Arizona’s neatest architectural places and explored the desert surrounding it while I took these portraits of her. It was a perfect monsoon cool summer day that ended with a lightning storm we watched from the cafe window. There are too many favorites to choose from but the double exposure portrait I think might be the one!

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