I studied photography at Arizona State University with Danielle. She and I learned from some of the countries best professors and learned about the history of photography in our time in the program. I always loved spending time with her. The energy she had was always so refreshing and up-lifting. We both shared a passion for beautiful image making and capturing peoples stories. When I met her then new boyfriend Kaleo, I knew right away they were perfect for each other! He was supportive and kind to her and they were very playful with one another. I loved that about them! After Andy and I had to end our time on the Pacific Crest Trail early, we spent two months in Arizona getting caught up with old friends like Danielle and Kaleo. I photographed their engagement photos on a mountain top in Sedona with their dog Liberty and the session couldn’t have gone better! The lighting was diffused and dreamy and the temperature was absolutely perfect! It even rained a little while the sun was setting and shining through the clouds making some of their engagement portraits seemingly glittery! It was an exciting moment! I love photographing people in nature and especially love engagement photos sessions on top of mountains with a beautiful view or sunset behind them!

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